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Just Remember

just remember

Just Remember

When a paper is thrown at your head
Stop your face from turning bright red

Just remember…

And someone is pulling your hair
Turn around and give them a glare

Just Remember…

When insults pour down like rain
Just remember this won’t be in vain

Just Remember

Head high and try to be strong
At home pretend nothing is wrong

Just Remember

Just remember someday somehow
Knelt down they will all have to bow

Just Remember

When you talk about struggles in life
Say how words would sting like a knife

Just Remember

They’ll look down, they’ll know who you mean
They’ll remember from when they were a teen

Just Remember

The insults, they threw like daggers and bows,
The physical and mental punches and blows

Just Remember

Just remember
and remember and
remember and
keep on remembering

Then forgive and smile.

But Remember

Don’t forget that life style.

And Remember



One comment on “Just Remember

  1. love that qoute 🙂

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