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You’re Not Dead Yet

You're Not Dead Yet

You have been called “ugly.”
You have been called “weak.”
You have been called a “failure.”
You have been called all of these things.
But at least you’re not dead yet.

You’ve still got your life ahead of you.
You’ve still got all these years to cherish.
You’ve still got a lot to live for.
You might be on life support…
…but you’re not dead yet.

All these years you spent in isolation.
All these years you hide away somewhere dark.
All this time you think about the odds.
But even while that appears to be the case,
You’re not dead yet.

You have cancer in your whole body.
You have mesothelioma and bronchitis.
You have six days left to live.
You’re running out of time.
But you’re not dead yet.

Look at what all you’ve done with your life.
Take a look in the mirror.
Tell the whole world what you see.
Believe in the fact that there’s an afterlife,
Because you’re not dead yet.


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